Education in Nevada

All children, regardless of their economic background, deserve access to a high-quality education-starting with preschool and following them into college. Access to quality education from cradle to career will lead to a strong future for our children and for our state. It is critical we give our children the skills and tools necessary to be competitive in today’s global economy.
As a past student of CCSD and a current parent of CCSD students, Kyle has seen firsthand some of the pitfalls of the Nevada education system. While over the years we have improved our education system, these improvement have come too little too late for too many generations of Nevadans.

Kyle Chamberlain will fight to make sure that our publics schools have the proper funding, structures and policies in place so our students, from the littlest learners to our college kids, have what they need to be successful.

  • As Governor, Kyle will fight for and support policies that:
    Utilize effectively the funds generated from the recreational marijuana tax
  • Guarantee universal preschool for all 3-and-4-year-olds in Nevada
  •  Modernize Nevada’s funding formula and increase the per-pupil base amount to ensure more equitable funding for our schools
  • Create a campaign that helps to elevate the field of education to provide the recognition that teachers deserve
    Increase pay and incentives for educators and support staff
  • Reduce classroom sizes of all grades so teachers can spend more time with individual students
  • Increase support services for youth and families to address other factors associated with low graduation and dropout rates
  • Help provide funds to build new school facilities across the state
  • Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Make Nevada community colleges tuition free for Nevada residents

Nevada’s Economic Prosperity

Nevada is full of hardworking Americans that have earned economic and social stability. They deserve to live in a community that is safe, prosperous and that has continued opportunity into the future. Unfortunately, today many of our Nevadans are living in continued uncertainty, fear and frustration Uncertain of their job will survive the next cut or where their next meal will come from. Fear they will lose their home or lose their family entirely. Frustrated that they work full time and are still are living paycheck to paycheck. Our citizens deserve better. Our state is full of riches-from our casinos to our minerals- and it is time that the corporations pay their share.
Kyle Chamberlin will work to ensure our community is safe and prosperous by fighting to reduce income inequality, so all Nevadans can see our state as a safe haven.

As Governor, Kyle will fight for and support policies that:

  • Increase the state minimum wage to $15 an hour
  • Require employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave; two weeks of paid vacation; and 7 days of paid sick days.
  • Provide access to high-quality child care and early learning programs for working families
  • Increase support services for youth and adults trying to enter the workforce
  • Create high-paying, sustainable jobs for Nevada
  • Make tuition free at Nevada community colleges for Nevada residents
  • Support integration of immigrants to our society
  • Create more affordable housing and housing assistance programs
  • Invest in trade schools and non-traditional job programs
  • Prevent homelessness and reduce recidivism
  • Make sure our rural economies are self sustainable


On a national level Kyle will continue the fight for Medicare-for-All. He will work to make sure we do everything we can to get as close as possible to Medicare-for-All on a state level, specifically increasing medicaid for lower income families, and allowing for everyday Nevadans to affordably buy into Medicare.

  • Lower income families get Medicaid.
  • Middle income families can affordably buy into Medicare.
  • Increase the funding and support for mental health services to create a more effective and reliable healthcare system.
  • All Nevada’s have 100% access to comprehensive, high quality healthcare.
  • Negotiate for transparent and fair pharmaceutical drug prices.
  • Ensure the cost of treatment, hospital stay, and procedures are fairly priced.

Mental Health

  • Work to end the shortage of mental health providers.
  • Build incentives to increase mental health professionals in Nevada.
  • Social improvement for mental health could decrease the rate of incarceration and homelessness.
  • By increasing health care and mental health support we will counteract the opioid epidemic.

Criminal Justice in Nevada

Building the future of Nevada means ensuring all of Nevada’s citizens can make a brighter future for themselves-even those that have made mistakes. Nevada must address the mass incarceration of our people, especially our communities of color, and provide better rehabilitation. Nevada’s criminal justice system has many pitfalls that can keep our citizens from reaching their full potential. We need to ensure that those that have been impacted by the criminal justice system have a chance at rebuilding their lives. Successfully reforming our criminal justice system will take the whole community. We must bring together our police officers, our prison staff, our mental health professional and so many more to create a system that works.

Kyle Chamberlin will fight to reform our criminal justice system that rehabilitates our community to be safe for all Nevadans.
As Governor, Kyle will fight for and support policies that:

  • Help to reintegrate inmates into society
  • Increase funding for mental health services
  • Dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline
  • Create better trainings for police officer, correction officer, parole officer, probation officers and prison staff
  • End for profit prisons
  • Increase support services for incarcerated individuals while in prison
  • Build trust between police and marginalized communities
  • Expand mental health courts
  • Provide inmates with the hepatitis c vaccine


  • Veterans should have 24 hours access to a doctor.
  • Veterans should have Medicaid as additional support.
  • Creating recidivism programs that are long term.
  • Subsidized housing. No veteran should be homeless.

Security and Public Safety

  • Devote resources to human trafficking prevention and intervention services
  • Increase funding for child welfare system and foster youth programs
  • Create a statewide plan for responding to and ending youth homelessness
  • Reduce domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Improve and increase substance abuse treatment options
  • Improve public transportation systems

Women’s Rights

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Require employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave; two weeks of paid vacation; and 7 days of paid sick days
  • Provide access to high-quality child care and early learning programs for working families
  • Reduce domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • Ensure women have access to comprehensive birth control

LGBTQ+IA2 Rights

Kyle will ensure that we put forward legislation that will support and protect our LGBTQ+ community members, and oppose any legislation that claims to “protect” religious liberty at the expense of others’ rights, especially those negatively impacting the LGBTQ+ community.

  • We need to advance policies to ensure students can attend school without fear of bullying, and work to reduce suicides. In addition Kyle supports CCSD developing a standalone policy specific to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for gender diverse students. The policy would protect gender diverse/trans students across the board. We need to make sure that they are safe and respected in all our schools.
  • Kyle is a strong supporter of the Equality Act, and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. Kyle has seen first hand how the Every Child Deserves a Family Act is crucial to children having homes to go to, and knows it will benefit thousands of children and LGBTQ+ community, to not only provide safe and loving homes, but in addition to help end the discrimination the LGBTQ+ community faces in the future. Kyle also thinks it’s important that social workers are specially trained to help LGBTQ+ adolescents in foster care.
  • We must strive for LGBTQ+ community members to have comprehensive health insurance which will provide appropriate coverage by discrimination.
  • We can work with law enforcement to adopt policies to ensure fair interactions with trans community members, especially trans women of color who are too often targeted by police unfairly, and will work on creating training programs to promote compliance with fair policies.
  • Kyle supports laws and policies that facilitates gender marker changes on birth certificates and driver’s license
  • Kyle supports the prohibition of housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and or gender identity.
  • Kyle supports state prohibition of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Kyle supports the state issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples and supports marriage equality.

Money out of politics

  • Kyle supports ending Citizen’s United
  • End Money in Politics on a State level.
  • Create a path for everyday community members to run for state legislature without having to be funded by corporations or pacs.