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Our post last month, “What Christmas means to Baha’is” generated a lot of comments which have got me thinking about the Baha’i approach to rituals and tradition. In contrast to my unqualified distaste for tradition as a child, I no longer feel that tradition is always a bad thing. The Bahá'í Faith (/ b ə ˈ h ɑː iː, -ˈ h aɪ /; Persian: بهائی ‎ Bahā'i) is a religion teaching the essential worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people.

Naturally, at this festive time of year, people like to ask whether or not BahГЎ'Г­s celebrate Christmas. And the simple answer is: No. Yes. Sort of. Sometimes. " The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith. " Growing up as the only Jewish girl my age in small-town Indiana, I have a lifetime of experience in being the odd-one-out when it comes to Christmas.

My family did not. The BahГЎ'Г­ Faith in Egypt has existed for over 100 years. The first BahГЎ'Г­s arrived in 1863. BahГЎ'u'llГЎh, founder of the religion, was himself briefly in Egypt in. Apr 25, 2015. By definition, the BahГЎ'Г­ Faith has no rituals or ritualistic ceremonies. It has 9 days a year that have been designated as Holy Days, and Christmas is not one of.

Baha’is don’t celebrate Christmas in relation to each other. As regards the celebration of the Christian Holidays by the believers; it is surely preferable and even highly advisable that the friends should in their relation to each other discontinue observing such holidays as Christmas and New Years, and to have their festal gatherings of this nature instead during the intercalary days.

BahГЎ'Г­s are often asked if they celebrate Christmas. The answer is not a simple" yes" or" no"so this leaflet tries to explain why. BahГЎ'Г­s believe that BahГЎ'u'llГЎh. Christmas in Mauritius Though the majority of the Mauritian population is non-Christian, Christmas is widely recognised by all and almost all Mauritians celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

One can see Christmas trees in the majority of houses in December. The BahГЎ'Г­ Faith in the Philippines is a community of Filipinos, who like their fellow BahГЎ'Г­s. . British Indian Ocean Territory В· Christmas Island В· Cocos ( Keeling) Islands В· Hong Kong В· Macau. Wikipedia book Book В· Category; Portal Asia portal. Answers. com В® Categories History, Politics& Society Society and Civilization Holidays and Traditions Christmas Does Baha'i celebrate Christmas?.

Baha'is celebrate The Universal House of Justice has received your email of 23 November 2002, and referred it to our Department for reply. You have explained that as a result of an email discussion group there is a differing of opinions whether Baha’is are permitted to celebrate Christmas, and you have expressed your understanding that while there is no harm in sharing the festivities with friends, the" Baha.

The answer to this question takes careful consideration, because the intention must be clear. As Bahá’ís believe that all religions come from God, they could, in principle, celebrate Christmas and the other holidays of the Christian faith and other religions. This video concerns the First and Second Coming of the Christ Spirit.

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