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YOU ARE READING. Sonamy: Christmas Fanfiction. Sonic acted strange in the past few weeks and also when Amy is around. Tails planned a Christmas party and he also planned something else. Amy tuned around and grabbed his hard cock and led him to the shower, Shadow turned it on and he and Amy stepped in. Suddenly he pushed her up against the glass, directing his cock he started to hump furiously into her cunt. FanFiction | unleash. It is winter and Shadow and Amy get lost in the woods.

Shadow then realizes he is falling in love with Amy. Christmas was coming up in four weeks and the whole sonic team was ready, well almost all of them. Amy Rose had now woken up since the room was very cold. She wrapped her arms around herself.

" Why is it so. (FanFic) Sonic The Hedgehog - Power Trip (Rated PG-13). Amy Rose age 18 Shadow The Hedgehog age 55. I remember there being a fanfiction that seemed almost IDENTICAL to this. Dec 24, 2009. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Shadow, Amy - Words: 2, 291. I just wanted to remind you about my Christmas do tonight! Apr 8, 2009. Sonic and his friends celebrate Christmas at Amy's house with dinner and a. After Knuckles came Shadow the Hedgehog, who brought a.

Home Community Games Sonic the Hedgehog ShadAmy fan lovers. ShadAmy fan lovers. Follow. Focus: Games Sonic the Hedgehog, Since:. Shadow, Amy, and Sonic go on a misson to stop Eggman. Shadow dies in the process. For Shadow Christmas is a time of broken memories and painful reminders. Until a chance encounter with a rose. Dec 24, 2007. It's Christmas Eve, and I thought of uploading this ShadAmy fanfic as a gift to all. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Amy, Shadow.

Dec 9, 2008. Tails and Amy were next to gather to the living room, right before Shadow. Finally, Cream and Cheese shot like a lightning bolt down to the. Christmas One Shot. (ShadowxAmy) Shadow and Amy. Band Geek. Tags Fanfiction Romance Sonic Hedgehog Shadow Amy Rose Christmas Love One Shot Short Story Shot.

Amy's POV. Christmas is a wonderful holiday. A time of celebration and friendship and family. I feel like all of humanity chooses to treat each other right for.

Dec 26, 2012. It's Christmas time in Station Square! Amy. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Amy, Shadow - Words: 5, 003. And Merry Christmas to all! Welcome to the Fanfiction @ Sonadow. com, fanfiction dedicated to Sonic and Shadow. Sonic has been contemplating whether or not he should marry Amy. She has been.

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